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New Trailer for Andrew Niccol’s The Host

Yahoo Movies:
Open Road Pictures has released a new trailer for writer/director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca) sci-fi film The Host.

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alycakes1855d ago

Not too interested in this one so I'll wait til it's on dvd.

Sahil1855d ago

Dont judge a movie by its trailer...

Hergula1855d ago

I have to be honest, It does not look that interesting whatsoever, yet I might be wrong, Ill definetly try to check it out once it gets released but I wont go to the cinema for it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31855d ago

I like Andrew Niccol, I really do. Gattaca, The Truman Show, In Time, Lord of War. The guys has made some really interesting films that aren't without their flaws. Watching this trailer I have a hard time getting inspired though, this looks like total teeny bopper bait.

Reibooi1854d ago

Regardless of if this movie turns out good or not(highly unlikely it will be anything worth seeing but yeah I'll wait until it comes out) It annoys me that in the future whenever I ask anyone hey have you seen The Host? They will think I'm asking about this movie and not the incredible Korean monster movie.

StarWarsFan1854d ago

The trailer looks better than I was expecting.

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