Justified: "Decoy": IGN Review

Suffice to say Colt has found his way into being an actually interesting character. It only took 11 episodes.

OK, hold up. We’ve been a little tough on this season. It hasn’t been up to the standards set by last year and the year before. It hasn’t! I hate to say that, but it hasn’t.

And here we are, finally closing in on the end of the season, and things are starting to get interesting. Drew Thompson was right under everybody’s noses the whole time - and yes, I was a little harsh in calling that the obvious choice last week. Boyd was pressing to find him and came up looking pretty bad in all of this. Raylan was being Raylan (and looking for Thompson). Marshall stiffies. There was a lot of hat and no cattle for a while there and now we’ve found the cattle.

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alycakes1921d ago

Last night was great! I was just wishing Ava would light that lighter on that 'sob'. The whole hour was just full of anticipation of what someone was going to do next and the ending was just so much fun.

I wish it was next Tuesday already.

Sahil1920d ago

Was this one of the greatest episodes? The dialogs between Boyd and Raylan were classic, Constable Bob was totally badass, Tim was perfectly paranoid, Eva was hot, Rachel's interrogation of Drew can this show get any better...didn't expect the great train escape. Totally incredible.