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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Visionary director Ang Lee crosses over into the digital world of 3D with his Oscar-nominated film Life of Pi. The film, which has been celebrated by many, might just be one of the best-looking 3D films ever made, but does it have what it takes to stretch beyond being just a visual spectacle, much like Fox’s previous box office success Avatar? No. Lee’s attempted inspirational tale between a boy and a tiger lost at sea unfortunately collapses on itself early on and never washes ashore to safety. Life of Pi is a special effects achievement without a doubt, but it’s far from a masterpiece."

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Hergula1891d ago

I simply enjoy reading long reviews, short ones just dont do it for me.

aDDicteD1888d ago

i watched this on 3d and i must say it's really a must own for blu-ray. definitely going to pick this one up soon.