The Following: Love and Death: TVF Review

It's become pretty obvious that Joe Carroll has a lot of followers, some who love to party at the cult mansion and others who are desperate to add their chapter to his twisted story of death.

This week, Amanda joined the ranks of the less-than-developed followers, serving as something of a Terminator in hunting down any women with the name Claire Matthews. It was an obvious effort to hurt Ryan because of his own love for Claire, as much as it was to lure the real Claire out of hiding.

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alycakes1863d ago

This was a better didn't make them look so incapable of doing their job. I like the way it ended too. Can't wait for the next one.

krazykombatant1860d ago

actually the ending kinda pissed me off, how do a group of people manage to trace a call from the fbi but the fbi can't do the same to them??? when they finally said on one episode "ohh send the call to homeland security" like ffs wouldn't it occur to people to do it from the get go.