Bates Motel: “First You Dream, Then You Die” Review: Best Horror Movies

Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) have moved to a new town 6 months after the death of Norman’s father. Trying to start a new life, Norma has purchased a motel from the bank in the hopes that she and Norman could run it. However, her plan might fall apart given Norman’s rebellious tendencies, a dangerously unstable former owner of the property on which the motel sits, the nosiness of the police, and more.

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Best-Horror-Movies1919d ago

has anyone else watched this?

steven83r1919d ago

Just finished watching it. So far pretty good. Already enjoying it more than Season 2 of American Horror Story.

aDDicteD1911d ago

good pilot episode it really establishes the story quickly and makes it interesting to see how norman was pushed to the edge of insanity. both norman and norma bates are still quite normal living in a secluded town starting a new life so it is interesting to see their downfall hereon.