The Walking Dead: "Prey": IGN Review

“How can you still protect him?”, Andrea asks Milton near the top of "Prey", which of course is a pretty funny question given the source and how much it took to get her to fully open her eyes to the Governor this season.

On the heels of all that “Are you serious!?” behavior we’ve seen Andrea try to justify from the Governor, it couldn’t help but feel a bit deflated when she finally turned 100% against him and decided she actually had to get away from him and back to the prison to warn everyone this week. Milton telling her what the Governor had planned for Rick and Michonne was the catalyst, but getting past the, “Oh, now you realize you need to get away from him!” of it all, I think we can all just be happy it did happen, and before the season finale.

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alycakes1863d ago

That was so good last night....I was so hoping the governor would die but of course you can't have the great finale without him can you?

Sahil1863d ago

the scene in the warehouse was so freaking intense

Hergula1862d ago

Ill definetly start watching it, seems very good indeed.

Hergula1862d ago

I cant believe I have yet to start watching it... Is it worth the watch?

wishingW3L1862d ago

the first 2 seasons are the best ones.

aDDicteD1862d ago

yup it really spoiled the moment because we know that neither andrea or the governor will die on that episode.

Kran1862d ago

Loved the warehouse scene. One of the best scenes of the season.

aDDicteD1862d ago

It was a decent episode. Surely the one that burn the walkers was milton, i wonder what will the governor do to him as well as andrea on the coming episodes. for tyreese however it's good there are some moments in this episode to know him a bit more but the character in the comics is just more likable than we have in this series. he has a different scenario now, him being on woodbury i wonder how will he be as likable as the rest of ricks group by the end if this season.

alycakes1862d ago

I've never followed the books so I don't have anything to go by so when I hear things like this it sounds strange. They say that Carl is different in the books too.