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Oz the Great and Powerful Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Zack Kircher writes:

Oz the Great and Powerful is not a great film- it's not even that good, honestly.

Back in 2010, Disney struck gold with Tim Burton’s live-action sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Sure, it wasn’t the greatest critical hit, but it was one of only fifteen films in history to earn $1 billion at the box office. Many studios have since tried to emulate that film’s success with their own dark spins on classic fantasy tales. Virtually every imitator hasn’t shown any true success, though; Red Riding Hood, Mirror Mirror, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and the recent box office bomb Jack the Giant Slayer have been Hollywood embarrassments. Snow White and the Huntsman is the only film I could officially label as a success, since it brought in over $400 million and generally won over audiences. That said, the subsequent sex scandal involving Kristen Stewart and the film’s director has since harmed its reputation. Even so, Disney and the main producer o...

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