The Creator of Dragon Ball Z Talks About New Movie

Saiyan Island: "he world famous creator of Dragon Ball Z recently gave an interview which was featured in popular Japanese magazine V-Jump, answering questions on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the latest movie in the storied franchise. Saiyan Island fan Elizabeth Bonis Murayama was kind enough to take the time to translate what Toriyama-sensei had to say using a scan from the magazine, which you can see at the bottom of this page. "

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tayz1924d ago

lol Toriyama forgot his own characters. gawd i'm scared to get old!!!

Hergula1923d ago

Correct me if Im wrong , but isnt this the exact same source and uploader:

So you can upload the same article on both Filmwatch and Animeshinbun if it has aspects of both?

aDDicteD1917d ago

nice interview! So he intentionally wanted the super saiyan god to be simple. well everything that he does works so i guess it'll work too. cant wait for the clash of destruction god vs saiyan god, I'm expecting a very nice fight scene between those two.