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Animation Message Lost Amid Mistakes and Unfounded Statements

Richard of writes "You know, I don’t mind when people writes articles stating their opinions about “traditional animation being dead” or that certain studios are doing away with their 2-D animation divisions. It is the truth after all, especially when it pertains to the once powerful House of Mouse, Disney Animation Studios. We all have seen that in recent years the studio has leaned heavily on the side of CGI animation as opposed to traditional hand-drawn animation. But if you are going to write an article and make certain claims, you have to do your research and make sure that what you are telling people is the truth. You can’t just pull stats like “Treasure Planet… is an animated movie and it came out in 2002 and it did wonderful” and expect to be taken seriously. I mean, come on, a simple search on BoxOfficeMojo, Wikipedia or IMDB would show you that the movie failed miserably at the box office. So how the hell can you make the claim that it “did wonderful” when its lifetime gross doesn’t even come close to the budget spent making the film?"

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