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The Top 5 Shows Currently On TV

Uber Reviews looks at the top five TV shows currently on TV.

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Sahil1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

All those shows are currently NOT on TV, only Justified but good list.

gunnerforlife1891d ago

LOL are you ok? breaking bad is in its 6th season(i think) game of thrones is on its third.
moving on

there are allot more Tv shows that are good thats on Tv!

The Walking Dead
The Following

If you dont know about the following i suggest you check it out! amazing show!

theuberreviews1891d ago

I despise Suits and i am really enjoying The Following, but it gets far too silly at times.

theuberreviews1891d ago

By currently on TV, i meant shows that haven't ended or have been cancelled.

Sahil1891d ago

my bad, awesome list tho :)

OSIRUSSS1891d ago

Swap 1 and 2 and this list is somewhat correct. Throw out EBaD and add Mad Men, get rid of Homeland and add Grimm and the list would be correct.IMO.

StarWarsFan1891d ago

Seems like a shame not to include The Following, Walking Dead, Dexter, Revenge and Spartacus.

theuberreviews1891d ago

Apart from Revenge and Walking Dead, i consider all those you list "Honorable mentions".

alycakes1891d ago

I say Justified, The Walking Dead, Grimm, & Arrow...then there are a few others that I watch and like like NCIS and Criminal Minds too.

StarWarsFan1891d ago

Grimm and Arrow: yes! At minimum an Honorable Mention.

Ares84HU1891d ago

There is one good show here, that is Game of Thrones. But where is Spartacus or the Walking Dead??? These two are miles better than the rest of this list.

Sahil1891d ago

Game of Thrones is getting better and better every season

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