Which 2013 Movies Have a Shot at Earning $1 Billion?

Box Office Mojo:
At the beginning of 2008, only three movies—Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest—had earned over $1 billion worldwide. Flash forward five years to early 2013, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has just recently become the 15th title to reach that illustrious milestone.

With the addition of 3D ticket pricing and the rapid expansion of the foreign market in areas like China and Russia, reaching $1 billion definitely isn't all that it used to be. Still, it hasn't lost all its prestige, and hitting that mark remains an undeniable sign that a movie is a global sensation.

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alycakes1925d ago

I think Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 will for sure. Star Trek, Thor, and Hunger Games might or will have good success but I don't know that they will make that much. Star Trek probably would be the one coming closest.

Hergula1923d ago

I just have to ask though, why do you believe that any movie, ur naming 2 that most likely will and several others that have a chance, when reaching a billion worldwide is incredibly difficult and only about 15 movies have passed that mark EVER.

While I do agree that Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 could very likely get close and possibly reach the mark, Stark Trek, Thor and The Hunger Games have literally no chance in the world.

The first thor film made only around 450 Million worldwide, while it is a good number of course, even with the success of The Avengers, it is highly unlikely that Thor 2 will even get past the 600 Million mark.

Star Trek (2009) made barely 400 Million, if im not mistaking, so for Into Darkness to reach a billion, it would need a miracle.

I do agree that Hunger Games has a chance, basically because it is looking like a Twilight film series already. Many dont see how bad the first Hunger Games film actually was, which is shocking...

DarkBlood1923d ago

not sure where the Hunger games being bad is coming from unless your talking about sales

calis1923d ago

Hunger Games was a pretty crap movie...

If the Avengers didn't get to 1 billion (which I thought they did) no movie will this year without the help of increase ticket sales.

KonohagakureFC1923d ago

@ Calis

Avengers made over 1.5 billion dollars world wide

monkeyfox1922d ago

Ironman 3 has increased chance ever so slightly due to awareness/success of avengers and the fact that iron man films since they begun have scored around the $600 million mark. Thats it though, i dont think any other film will even come close...

aDDicteD1916d ago

I hope man of steel reach that mark. Among the list Man of steel and iron man 3 has the only chance of reaching that level.