Colin Trevorrow To Helm Jurassic Park 4 For Universal And Steven Spielberg

"Jurassic Park 4: has a director according to Deadline. The choice os Sundance director Colin Trevorrow is sure to raise some eyebrows. Howver due to the fast turnaround needed to make the release date of next June I figured they would want a fast worker who would not make waves.

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Garethvk1928d ago

Where to begin? No experience with big budget movies, shooting in 3D, visual FX, and on a tight window to make the release date. This could be bad.

I think Spielberg and Universal are basicallly making it and the director is there to shoot live action elements fast, not make waves, and to do as he is told my Steven and the studio while they do the hard part.

OhMyGandhi1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I don't understand how someone who matches almost none of the qualifications required to make a big time blockbuster is allowed anywhere near a project of this size.
It doesn't make any damn sense.

darklordzor1927d ago

I'm not entirely sure about this choice, but I think it will be okay. After all he was on the shortlist for the new Star Wars movie, and people were okay with that, so why wouldn't it be all right for JP?

Frankly, I think he's been the director for quite some time now, but they waited until now to announce it. This happens from time to time, where he's brought on and starts working on things before the studios confirm the news. More than likely, it's not as much of a rush job as people think, I'm sure he's been quietly working on Jurassic Park 4 already.

Garethvk1927d ago

Very good points. We did some checking and it seems that as far back as November he was attached to the film. But the FX work would have to have been well underway prior to him coming on to make the release of next summer.

What I do not get is that you have a guy who has done one movie, a low budget art film and all of a sudden he is the next big thing. Directing an FX laden franchise film in 3D, where expectations and scrutiny are through the roof is very different than what he has done prior.

I have never heard of a person with so little mainstream directing experience getting the chance to be given/considered for things like JP and Star Wars.

StarWarsFan1926d ago

I'm glad they're giving the project to some new blood. You have to give new people a chance. Let's face it: they pretty much went with the most connected and conservative choice in director possible when it came to the next STAR WARS movie.