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CineKatz Writes: Everyone knows the timeless classic, Jack and the Beanstalk, telling the beloved fable of giants descending from the sky via a giant, well beanstalk. Have you ever wished, however, that rather than being a kids folk tale, that instead the movie was about big, ugly, blood-thirsty giants that wanted nothing more than to wipe out humanity all together? Well then enter Jack the Giant Slayer…. kind of. While Jack the Giant Slayer finds itself pitched from the trailers as a action oriented spin, instead turns out to be a tiresome teen heart throb flick that searches desperately for an identity. In a film filled with giants that share as much of the title as any, the disappointing use of such incredible technology is left befuddling. It’s not that the movie is unwatchable, it’s simply unfortunate that the movie never seems to find its true stride and by the end leaves the audience underwhelmed.

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