Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone | CineKatz

CineKatz Writes: There once was a time when magicians were a spectacle unto themselves. I imagine back to when Harry Houdini was alive, and I think about the acts of “magic” that he performed. Were they magic at all? Were they even illusions? They were more like stunts. Yet, these death defying escapes were still fascinating. Fast forward to my lifetime, and there was the one and only David Copperfield who made being a magician the equivalent of being a rock star. The family would gather around the television as Copperfield would make an airplane disappear. It was great fun. Recently, magicians have become more or less street performers and stunt men with elements of card tricks and illusions, like Chriss Angel. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a fictional take on the history of these magicians from the flashy Las Vegas shows to the “freaks” in the street. It touches on our fascination with magic, and our inner child telling us to believe things we know are not real.

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