The History Of Doctor Who: How The Doctor Who Regenerations Reflect Society?

"Since 1963 Doctor Who has been traveling through time, encountering a variety of out of this world foes that mankind has never seen before, as well has helping ordinary people in time with their problems and fixing problems in history. All done with a machine that can travel through time and space known as the Tardis which is disguised as an old blue British police box. Along with the Tardis the Doctor also had the Sonic Screw Driver which was a futuristic multi-functional tool, that the Doctor would use most of the time to pick locks. It also served the purpose of changing the direction of teleportaion, accessing computer databases, repairing the Tardis and much more. The Doctor would also travel with three companions to accompany him in his time traveling adventures. 50 years it has been since Doctor Who made his way into our TV and into our hearts. With in those 50 years Doctor who has gone through a series of what I like to call Doctor Who regenerations."

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