Kick-Ass 2 Red-Band Trailer

After Kick-Ass’ insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, he joins a patrol led by the Colonel Stars and Stripes. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist — reborn as The Mother F%&*^r — only the blade-wielding Hit-Girl can prevent their annihilation.

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StarWarsFan1926d ago

Jim Carrey looks like the standout in this movie. I'm not sure if anything else really grabbed me from the trailer though. I think a lot of the success of this movie is going to rely on people having watched the first on on TV and home video because I really don't think a lot of people gave the movie a fair shot when it was released in theaters. I know I didn't think it was as good based on the trailers and ads alone.

aDDicteD1917d ago

nice trailer! looks like it is going to be good like the first movie.