The Klash: De Niro vs. Pacino

CineKatz writes: Welcome to The Klash, a new feature designed to pit actor versus actor where you decide who presents the better case. Throughout all of Hollywood’s past, we’ve seen thousands and thousands of actors come and go, but only a small percentage of them leaving impressions that have last lifetimes and continue to impress today. The Klash is our attempt to put one against another, with an unbiased filter. Each week, one of the writers will go up against another writer and present his/her case as to why so-and-so is an excellent actor. We are not discussing why someone is better than the other, but highlighting the facts about a given person and then choosing, what we believe, to be the best three performances of that actor.

In return, we want you to vote on who you believe presents a better case and which three performances are stronger. Do not look at their entire filmography, but the three movies the writer decides are best.

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RetrospectRealm1923d ago

Your case didn't seem very complete since you left out a ton of great performances from both actors. Even so, I always like De Niro more.