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Does The End of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Signal A Much Darker Star Wars Ahead?

Gareth at Skewed and reviewed has posted an opinion piece where he asks if the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the delay of Star Wars: Detours signals a much darker "Star Wars" ahead for fans.

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darklordzor1866d ago

I wouldn't say it's a signal for a darker Star Wars, especially considering how dark the last two seasons of The Clone Wars got. There have been several episodes over the last couple seasons that I thought were too much for a kids show, and on the whole, I think it had broken away from that niche. Clone Wars featured more adult storytelling towards the end.

More than likely, this move feels like they're trying to limit Star Wars visual stuff until closer to the new movie coming out, that way they can build up more hype. It's one of those, if we take it away, people will start missing Star Wars, then when they bring it back (all at once) everyone will be so happy.

Garethvk1866d ago

Good points. I liked how dark Clone Wars was getting. I know they have to walk the line of keeping it open for the younger fans but maturing it for those who grew up with it. I cannot wait to see what they do.

StarWarsFan1865d ago

I hope they don't get too bogged down in darkness suddenly. I honestly feel the Harry Potter franchise got so dark in tone that they made the films aesthetically too dark by the end. It's like they were trying to outdo the movie before it each time with darker narratives until the point came that they could only turn off the lights to get any darker. I thought by the last film the action sequences were just so dim you couldn't make out a lot of the stuff happening on the screen. I just hope they separate dark tones and emotions of the story from the physical picture to an extent is all I'm saying.

Garethvk1864d ago

I think they have a solid plan, I just hope they do not deviate if they get a bump or two in the road. I think having the original cast will be a huge help that the prequels did not get to enjoy.