What's Next For Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Retrospect Realm Writes: Surely you've heard of the news that the hit show, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', was cancelled earlier today. Producer Dave Filoni confirmed it on But he also said that more story arcs are coming. But how can this be? Everyone is reporting that series has been cancelled and is ending. It is ending, yes. There will not be a sixth season. But here is where it gets kind of confusing, more stories are coming...

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darklordzor1929d ago

My money is on some direct-to-DVD/bluray releases, or purely online. I'm still willing to give the edge to them coming out in a physical format first, as that way they can make more money out of it. I know, I'll be buying it.

RetrospectRealm1929d ago

I doubt they'd just release something online. The series deserves more than that.