Total Film's Man Of Steel

Total Film:
As any regular visitor to this website will be aware, we're ridiculously excited about Zack Synder's Man Of Steel.

So we're very proud to officially unveil the cover of our latest issue (205), which features a brand-new image of Henry Cavill in his Superman outfit, as well as our best look at Amy Adams' Lois Lane yet.

We'll have more information about what's actually inside the issue soon, but for now - just have a look at that cover.

We hope you like it.

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StarWarsFan1895d ago

Still so unholy to give the role of the Man Of Steel to a Brit. No chance they'd ever give the role of James Bond to an American.

DarkBlood1895d ago

well pierce bronsan isnt a brit either, not sure about the guy before him

although he may be a brit he sure doesnt look like one to me in my opinion

StarWarsFan1895d ago

Fine, only Commonwealth actors get the role of James Bond.

KingPin1895d ago

what does being a brit have to do with his acting ability?

its not like they made him black. but that's another story altogether.

StarWarsFan1894d ago

Then why not give the role of James Bond to an American? Never gonna happen. Superman: truth, justice and the American way. Such an iconic American character should be held close and not given to a country which was the reason America became a separate country. Go ahead and give the role of James Bond to an American and let's see how that goes down in the U.K.

KingPin1894d ago

lol ok dude, you need to calm down.
you do know that these are fictional characters right?

you just sound over patriotic and to be honest it comes across as you being xenophobic.

and the thing is nevermind an american playing james bond, a lot of UK people didn't even like daniel craig coz he was blonde.

seriously, a brit playing superman is fine with me. unless you think he's going to fly to london and protect the queen for the entire movie.

alycakes1893d ago

Brandon Roth, who played Superman the last time on Superman Returns, is an American...born and raised. He really was terrible in it...he needed to get some good acting lessons before tackling a job like that. So....I think it does have to do more with how well you can act and not what country you're from.