The Walking Dead: "Arrow on the Doorpost": IGN Review

Pacing-wise, it was a bit surprising and odd to go from last week’s evocative (and wonderful) “Rick and a couple others go on a trip outside the prison” story to an episode that had… Rick and a couple of others go on a trip outside the prison. But “Arrow on the Doorstep” served a different purpose, returning us directly to the Rick/Governor showdown, as the two finally met face to face.

This was solid material, with Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey both very good as the two men both talked tough with each other while barely holding up any pretense that they didn’t want to lunge at one another’s throats.

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alycakes1930d ago

This was a little boring at first then I got to thinking and was worried that the govenor was killing time while the others would get attacked but that didn't happen. I don't know what's going to happen but someone needs to put a bullet thru his head.

aDDicteD1922d ago

not much action but it's interesting to see how rick and the governor talk thing's out. i thought that something fun would happen but it was all negotiations but still its interesting. i wonder how michonne will react to this when she founds out about it.