George Lucas Says Hamill, Fisher & Ford Essentially Signed For 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

So, let's just recap where we're at. In February, we heard a lot of chatter about the original "Star Wars" cast returning for "Star Wars: Episode 7" with Harrison Ford reportedly confirmed, Carrie Fisher seemingly saying she was back too (though her rep now says she was joking) while Mark Hamill stated he actually hadn't signed yet. All of this talk was further buoyed when more news surfaced that said the trio were indeed coming back, and the plot for 'Episode 7' would center on their children. In short, there have been a lot of signs suggesting they'll be back, but not much in the way of official word. Well, George Lucas himself has now commented.

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TheDailySuperHero1928d ago

Now that is a misleading headline. Lucas confirmed negotiations are close, not complete.