How Racist is Cloud Atlas?

Planet Ivy: The decision to cast Caucasian actors as Asian characters in Cloud Atlas has caused controversy, but is it justified?

Jim Sturgess plays a number of characters in Cloud Atlas. Six, to be exact. Across the film’s myriad chapters – six interlocking stories set across six different time periods – Sturgess plays an American lawyer, a Scottish football hooligan and a future tribesman rocking the caveman look, among others. None of these characters seem to have caused any offence.

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erinkatrina1776d ago

Sounds to me like the makers knew this might cause some controversy which would help get it some press to help it get 'viral growth'!

appleandroid1776d ago

I think that's a simplistic way of looking at it. Press are overreacting

androidboy1776d ago

As ever, the press don't focus on the ACTUAL FILM!

SilentNegotiator1776d ago

Impersonating any 'race' that isn't an offensive depiction of a white American is racist. You guys should know that by now. /s

Muffins12231775d ago

Agreed...its a movie and if anyone takes this seriously get a life.

ATi_Elite1775d ago

I've tried watching Cloud Atlas two time and each time it puts me to sleep!

anyway where was this article when "The Last Airbender" Movie came out.

That movie should of had all of China in it but it didn't thus being a HORRIBLE movie!!!

I agree let Asian actors play Asian characters as it only makes sense.

ThichQuangDuck1775d ago

If you actually watched the movie rather than having the press telling you what to think than you would understand why they did it. As well as if you saw interviews with the Wachowskis. To call them racist for using make up to have them play multiple characters than you do not understand to story. To say that the race would change anything about it is absurd. If it was all different actors it would have been more disconnected and obviously cost even more. This is an independent film they did and only continued on after asking the writer of the book himself. Cloud Atlas got snubbed and is easily my favorite movie of last year

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jimmyofages1776d ago

He plays SIX characters, someone somewhere was gonna complain!!

crysister1776d ago

OR was Hollywood playing it safe?
(I think they were)

doomtrain1776d ago ShowReplies(2)
Cueil1776d ago

Where were these mother effers when Quantum Leap was on?

pandehz1775d ago

Its not racist.

Racism is taught not inborn.

I watched it with a fresh perspective and I wasn't offended. Author you are racist not the movie.

pandehz1775d ago

Apologies for not reading the article

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The story is too old to be commented.