The LRA Show Ep. 91 - Jack The Giant Slayer

LRA writes: As we leave behind the weakest two consecutive months in movie history, we enter what will hopefully be a much more fruitful time of year with some rather big March releases. We start this month off with one of the biggest releases of the year so far (both literally and figuratively speaking) with the newest in Hollywood's bid for revisionist fairy tales, director Bryan Singer's "Jack the Giant Slayer". We also cover some of the latest movie news including who was cast as April O'Neil in the new TMNT movie, why Robert Downey Jr. WASN'T cast as the wizard of Oz and the possibility of a new Evil Dead after the remake. I also give my thoughts on the dismal new comedy "21 & Over" as well as my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week. Featured music this week is from and the music band "Amethyst".

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