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True Blood: Casting for a New Vampire

TV Fanatic:
A new vampire will be featured on True Blood Season 6 - and he'll dare to do battle with Jason Stackhouse and the best abdominal muscles on television.

HBO has confirmed that a deep-thinking, compassionate, guitar-playing member of the undead named Wes will make his way to Bon Temps this summer.

Look for him to come betwen Jason and Jessica and create yet another love triangle on the crazy fun drama.

HBO has not yet announced a return date for True Blood, but Wes will debut on Episode 6 and stick around for a few weeks.

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alycakes1908d ago

I haven't kept up with the last 2 seasons but I will catch up when I get a chance but I know that it's probably still as good as it was when I used to watch.

Blacktric1907d ago

To be honest (and in my opinion) the last two seasons had more downs than ups. Especially the last one. I wouldn't get my hopes up too much if I were you.

alycakes1907d ago

Okay...thanks for the heads up.