Sam Mendes Won't Direct Bond 24

Bond may be back, but Empire can exclusively reveal that Sam Mendes won't be joining him. At the BAFTAs recently, basking in the glow of Skyfall's triumph for Outstanding British Film, it seemed that Mendes, who had previously claimed he would make just the single Bond entry, could be tempted back for another go. But, having bumped into the Oscar-winning director on a barren Scottish glen - or was it a glitzy Macau casino? - he confided in us that he won't be returning to direct Bond 24.

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alycakes1906d ago

The success of a good movie has to do with good writing, good actors and a great director. Skyfall was the best Bond movie that was made to date as far as I'm concerned. I hope they find a really good director to do the next one.

StarWarsFan1906d ago

I think Sam Mendez doesn't want to be put under the pressure of striking gold twice. He entered Skyfall with a fresh mind and with everyone's expectations far below what was eventually achieved through Skyfall's performance.

alycakes1905d ago

I guess that makes sense

aDDicteD1896d ago

it would be great to have sam mendes back but unfortunately he dropped out of the project. but there are a lot of great directors that could helm the next bond movie.