Dexter Season 8 Confirmed as the Final?

For a while now, it’s been rumored that the upcoming eighth season of Dexter will be the final in the serial killer drama. Big wig David Nevins would never confirm this, though, stating only that they had an endgame in sight. Now, it looks like the cat is out of the bag.

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alycakes1876d ago

First thing I would want to know is what is the endgame for Dexter? I don't want him to get caught.

admiralvic1876d ago

I agree, I much rather see him killed. It would be quite the poetic ending.

ghostman1231876d ago

My theory is he'll get caught AND killed. Death penalty, but after the thing's Deb as done she'll start to slip and his death will be the last straw. When he dies she'll pick up his legacy and the series will end with her as a serial killer.

sealava1876d ago

if its like season 7 then I'll skip it .

zeal0us1875d ago

what went wrong with season 7?

darren_poolies1875d ago

Season 7 was one of the best seasons of the series...

vitorizzo1876d ago

caught, killed or flees the country...i cant think of any other way

JL1876d ago

The "fairy tale" ending would see him defeat his demons and find inner oeace or whatnot. Then tie off all loose ends and live happily ever after. But I'd hate that ending.

I just want the sister to die. She annoys me to no end.

konnerbllb1876d ago

Got enough bubbles there? She's actually one of my preferred characters.

JL1875d ago

lol Perk of being the Site Admin.

But yeah, the sister annoys me. Not just the character though, even the actresses mannerisms and voice. Just everything. Just gets under my skin.

E2M1875d ago

I want and ending no one see's coming, Caught, killed or caught or fleeing is what are the outcomes people are expecting

Plagasx1875d ago

Just like Breaking Bad, there is no "Happy" ending for these shows..