The Following: Catch Me If You Can: TF Review

think we can all definitely agree that Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy give captivating performances week after week on The Following.

When either of these actors appear on screen, you know you're in for something exciting, whether it's Joe Carroll devilishly delivering lines about his master plan or Ryan Hardy giving his steely and determined glare. They are, after all, the major players in the game, the strongest characters on the show, and the ones that keep the entire plot from ever feeling like it could crumble into sheer ridiculousness.

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alycakes1904d ago

These people need to rewrite these shows because the FBI can't be this stupid.

medman1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

That's what I said in a post here last week after those people escaped a house surrounded by the local police and fbi, and this show went and upped the ante to beyond a level of preposterous by having the villain escape a federal max facility under the most ludicrous of circumstances. It strains all credulity. Now, I'm glad that the villain is on the loose, it will no doubt allow him more of a role on the show and make the storyline more entertaining, but the writers need to do better. Law enforcement has a certain level of incompetence, as does every business or entity. But the lengths to which these writers go to make the police and the feds look like completely incompetent bumbling buffoons suggests to me they really detest the FBI and the police, though I'm sure they have agents and officers serving in an advisary capacity for this show. I wonder if those officers are as dumb as their counterparts in the show. P.S. can someone explain to me how a lawyer, who has been victimized and had multiple fingers cut off in the past by the psychopath, doesn't have a concealed carry permit? She should have blasted that guy into oblivion the moment he "escaped" that prison. I mean, he should have been full of holes as soon as he crawled from the trunk of her car. Instead, the show has her end up dead via strangulation in her own vehicle transporting a mass murdering fugitive. And I thought it took a certain level of intelligence to pass the bar exam.

alycakes1904d ago

Exactly, if someone had done that to me...and they were in my trunk...I would have killed them while they were in there and I know no one would have convicted me of murder. She had him dead to right and no matter how many followers he had...she could have been out of the country before they got wind of what even happened....people are so stupid.