Nerdluster - Jack The Giant Slayer Review

Nerdluster writes: There are a handful of moments where this adventure seems grand and expansive. I can pick a few shots, musical stings, costumes or locations and they would serve as a great advertisement to gin up interest in the film. Unfortunately the story doesn't deliver and the process highlighted above seems be exactly what the marketing team did to trick audiences into seeing the movie in the first place.

The kids in front of me could barely sit still in their seats - I swear the youngest tried to get up and walk out of the theater at one point before being put back in place by her parent. Almost nothing about the setting, script, music, design, makeup or acting jumps out and impresses me about this film. There are hidden details that you might notice but they are often too little and always too late. Judging by the children's reaction in the rows in front of me I wasn't alone in being mostly unamused.

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