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Independent Cinema - West of Memphis Review

Independent Cinema writes: Many films and other forms of media have already tackled the case of the West Memphis Three (WM3, as I’ll refer to them from now on), and it’s not surprising why there has been such an interest. For one, the case quickly went into the surreal with the belief that the murders of three 8-year-old boys were cult-related. Then upon re-evaluation of the evidence, it seems obvious that the WM3 were never actually guilty of anything. So the real question is, who is guilty, and how were the three eight year-old boys murdered? West of Memphis attempts to get to the bottom of this, but in actuality, it’s something that may never be known, and that’s why the film doesn’t push far beyond its concrete evidence. Because of this, the film plays as the most complete and detailed review of the case of the WM3, taking almost 150 minutes to conclude a story that may never really be over.

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