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David Weaver of Examiner writes: A willingness to be rude, crude and crass doesn't necessarily translate into uproarious good times as demonstrated by one of the most tame outrageous frat party style movies to come around in a long time. Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore seem to be taking more than a few pages from their two "Hangover" scripts with their directorial debut, "21 & Over". Leaving no cliche unturned, they waste no time setting the tone for what is to come with the introduction to our heroes, Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin) as they march through an open quad wearing nothing more than tube socks around their junk. Here is when we are supposed to be whisked back in time and learn of all the crazy adventures they had that landed them in such a predicament. The problem is that our imaginations can come up with much crazier and far more entertaining scenarios than they are able to cook up for us which makes the following 90 minutes a very sobering experience.

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