ABC's 'Zero Hour' Cancelled After 3 Airings

ABC’s Thursday 8 PM slot has taken another drama victim. The network is pulling new series Zero Hour after three low-rated airings. For the next two weeks, encores of Shark Tank will air in the hour. Then seven non-celebrity episodes of Wife Swap will run in the slot before Wipeout, the only show to work in the Thursday 8 PM time period since Ugly Betty, takes over on May 9.

Zero Hour premiered to an underwhelming 1.3 rating in adults 18-49 and slid in its consecutive airings, most recently to a 1.0 rating last night. Zero Hour adds to a long list of high-profile ABC dramas that suffered a quick death in the Thursday 8 PM hour over the last couple of years, including FlashForward, My Generation, Charlie’s Angels, Missing and Last Resort.

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alycakes1940d ago

I think it might have made it if it hadn't been put on Thursday night. It's just against too much competition on Thursday on CBS mostly but other channels too. They should have started it on another timeslot to give it a chance...I tried to watch it a little and it looked really interesting.

Simon_Brezhnev1938d ago

Like you said its hard to go against CBS on that night. Person of Interest gets my attention.

StarWarsFan1938d ago

This show was pretty cool. I think a stronger marketing plan would have helped it gain some traction. It was hard to figure out what this show was about based on the commercials. Even when I watch them now, I don't think they did the show any justice.

TheWolverine1937d ago

perhaps netflix or hulu will buy it and continue it later. i was intrigued by this show