Top 5 Films Featuring Nicole Kidman

David Weaver from Examiner writes: The Australian born actress has this uncanny ability to move freely from one genre to another with the greatest of ease and although the films didn't always turn out the way one would hope for (the mantra, "Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all" comes to mind), they were almost always interesting failures if nothing else. Even the stigma of being married to one of Hollywood's most notorious Scientologist's (Tom Cruise) and their eventual breakup wasn't enough to stop her juggernaut of a career. Heck, one might even say her quality in script choices actually increased after the two separated. Regardless of any hiccups her career has had over the years, she remains one of the finest and most reliable actresses working today. Here are the top 5 films that best represent her extensive and diverse acting career up to this point.

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