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Supernatural: "Remember The Titans"; IGN Review

An intriguing case-of-the-week, some twists to the story and good guest stars helped make “Remember the Titans” a solid hour of Supernatural. The opening sequence did a lot to set the stage for the rest of the episode. It was obvious no good would come of the sleepy guy who was drinking and driving at night, so it wasn’t shocking when he hit the poor man walking along the side of the road. But what took things in a different direction was the next shot of the man lying on the road, with a bird pecking at his liver. If that didn’t catch your attention, the fact that he woke up and walked away must have.

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alycakes1936d ago

This was really good. The guys had never dealt with Greek Mythology before so this was different and good to get away for their normal stuff. I really enjoyed this episode.

calis1936d ago

Once they showed an Egyptian God a few seasons ago I was wondering when they would deal with a Greek God.

But I thought the episode was average.