Justified: "Outlaw": IGN Review

Remember when That One Character died in The Wire? And how, even as they zipped up the body bag, there was still that roaming thought bouncing around in your head: “No, no way, he can’t be dead?”

Justified didn’t quite hit that high on the target, but it’s as close as TV has come to that moment since.

What a scene. What acting. The camera is on Raylan pretty much the entire time and Timothy Olyphant is giving those big ol’ kid eyes from under his hat. He’s bargaining. He understands Arlo will never give him what he wants as a son, but maybe he can give him what he wants as a lawman. And what does Arlo do? He tells his son to get bent.

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alycakes1881d ago

This was an awesome episode that I can't seem to get off my mind this morning. It was emotional and unexpected as to what happened.