First Trailer For BBC Zombie Drama In the Flesh


Given the massive success of The Walking Dead it was only a matter of time before more Zombie shows started popping up, but this 3-part BBC Three series does look like it might have something new to offer. Have a look at the trailer..

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Crazay1914d ago

That's a very cool take on a genre that I absolutely adore. I'm all over watching this.

Deku-Johnny1913d ago

Looks pretty strange but in a good way. I'm sure it will be a good series even if it short, at the end of the day I'd prefer a small series where every episode is amazing than a long series that drags.

NonApplicable1912d ago

This won't suck /s

I can't help but feel jaded with anything zombie related. Just a bunch of bandwagon hoppers.

jony_dols1912d ago

C4's miniseries Deadset came out years before the Walking Dead and that was pretty great!