Was Seth Macfarlane the Worst Oscars Host Ever?

Planet Ivy writes:
The Family Guy creator made awards ceremony even less bearable with crude and lazy jokes and tasteless songs...
The Oscars expects its presenters to be broad, but not lazy. And it welcomes gentle ribbing, but not charmless word-assaults on the rich and famous. But, confused that this was a roast rather than a televised show-off for millionaires, MacFarlane went on trying to ruin his chances of making any friends at the after-party...

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crysister1941d ago

I can't think of a worse one..anyone??

Yi-Long1941d ago

.... I was laughing out load multiple times, I thought the whole show was quite good this year in fact.

digitaldave1941d ago

I personally found him way more fun and way less contrived then Ricky Gervais..

Soldierone1940d ago

This is like the third year in a row that the host has been "the worst" lol

StarWarsFan1939d ago

In recent years, the worst host was James Franco. Anne Hathaway at least put in some effort with him. James Franco was just uninterested. I thought it was disrespectful on his part. As for Seth McFarlane, he wasn't terrible or stupendous. He put in a solid shot. The problem is there's nothing to compare his performance to as he isn't professionally known for being a host, performer or entertainer.

Hergula1939d ago

Seth did a good job and brought much needed flare to the stale Oscars ceremony. After years of mediocrity, 2013 actually had a host that was worth listening to.

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The story is too old to be commented.