Upcoming Horror Movies March 2013

March will bring horror fans several theatrical releases and tons of new DVD's to purchase. This is a complete list of all horror movies coming out in March 2013.

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Best-Horror-Movies1422d ago

I'm hoping the Last Exorcism 2 is good.

kariyanine1420d ago

I'm hoping so as well, especially since I really enjoyed the original. But nothing I've seen so far has me thinking it will be. :(

cyclindk1420d ago

I guess the first one should have been called, "The Second to Last Exorcism."

GribbleGrunger1421d ago

Nothing there interests me, but whatever you do avoid Spiders.

Best-Horror-Movies1421d ago

That one seems like a dud, have you seen it?

GribbleGrunger1421d ago

I suffered half an hour of it. Terrible acting, unconvincing characters, no chemistry between the actors, silly plot, dull and uninspired locations and dialogue that leaves you chuckling on too many occasions. Get stoned and watch it for a laugh, but that's all it's good for. I'm waiting for MAMA.

Tzuno1421d ago

Mandingo Massacre will scare the s..t out of you. :)

level 3601421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D just out as well, haven't seen it but I did like the first one a lot simply because I thought they delivered in bringing the creepy atmosphere and themes plots from the original game to film.

I do consider Silent Hill a "cult" film. People who haven't played the original game will find the film wanting and especially wouldn't like it's poignant style endings.