Exclusive First Look at the New Spider-Man Costume


With filming set to begin later today, Sony Pictures have unveiled our first official look at the new costume whuch will be donned by Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It definitely has a more traditional look than its predecessor...

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Crazay1913d ago

WOW! That looks like it was directly lifted from the pages of the comic. The eyes are huge.

crxss1912d ago

the amazing spider-man costume was sweet. i'm gonna miss the gold visors

RetrospectRealm1913d ago

I love it. WAY better than the first costume.

Let's hope this one is actually real this time...

Crazay1913d ago

Apparently it's 100% legit. Mark Webb posted a pic of just an eye last week.

MetalArcade1913d ago

Ugh, I thought the costume from the first one was way better. Yeah, this looks like one of the comic versions, but it comes off as really cartoony. Looks less menacing than the old one. Honestly thought this was a fan shop until I saw the tweet from Marc Webb with the eye...

Crazay1912d ago

I knew it wouldn't take long for people to start complaining about the costume but seriously. First people all hated the costume because of the eyes, or the look of the costume or the placement of what parts were blue and what was red and that it didn't look like the comics...

Now, the costume looks like it was taken right out of the comic in every way and people are hating on it. There's just no winning with something like this.

hazelamy1912d ago

maybe if i saw the original next to this one, but from memory i can't tell the difference.

this looks like Spider-Man, and the other one Looked like Spider-Man, and that's good enough for me.

there have been several version of the costume over the years anyway, so it's not like there's a definitive version.

RetrospectRealm1912d ago

Wow, you must have some bad memory. Yellow/sharp eyes, weird material, a belt, half blue half red on feet and hands, nothing rings a bell?

As far as I'm concerned, the Raimi trilogy only had two versions, normal then Venom black. This is only the second version two.

hazelamy1912d ago

probably right about the memory, though i do remember the gloves had an unusual pattern.

and i was referring to the original comics when i said there have been several versions of the costume.
even without totally different versions like the Venom suit, the Future Foundation suit or that armoured suit Stark made him.

remember when he used to have webs under his arms? almost like tiny wings.

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