Ben Kingsley's Mandarin Looks Bizarre & Badass On New 'Iron Man 3' Poster

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Let's face it, as entertaining as the "Iron Man" movies have been thus far (okay, the second one not so much), the villains haven't been all that great. The first was a game but not particularly memorable Jeff Bridges as the duplicitous Obadiah Stane, the father of Tony Stark's old partner. Shrug. Then in the sequel there was the double dose of the wildly ridiculous Ivan Vanko, played by Mickey Rourke, and the pitch perfect but underused sleazebag Justin Hammer, in a part taken by Sam Rockwell. But the third in the franchise could be the charm.

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alycakes1919d ago

I'm so ready for this movie. I wish it was here already.

TheDailySuperHero1918d ago

This is the perfect movie look for The Mandarin! Military, modern, terrorist, cool with sunglasses and a bit of a nod to the comics too.

Love. It.

Jio1918d ago

It looks like someone took a dump on his head.

level 3601917d ago

Hope they release these collectible 3D glasses over here in Australia.. ( )