Megan Fox Re-teams With Michael Bay For Ninja Turtles


Recently rumored to begin production this April, Platinum Dune's Ninja Turtles looks to have locked its first cast member. Michael Bay himself just posted the following on his official site:

"TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!"

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Crazay1949d ago

April O'Neill I presume?

I'm good with this. I love Megan Fox

zeal0us1949d ago

April O'Neil in the series is a average look middle age woman with brains. Megan Fox as April O'Neil seems out of place. Sure she have looks but her acting is mediocre at best.

Blasphemy1949d ago

I'm surprised she is teaming up with him again. I thought there was bad blood between the two after transformers. I can't wait to see her in the movie.

mistertwoturbo1949d ago

She's going to be a great Master Yoshi

Baka-akaB1948d ago

April was anything but average looking , but yeah she is supposed to have brains . I have yet to see fox as anything but a brainless bimbo , in films and in real life

Crazay1948d ago the real Ninja Turtles, they're mutatated ordinary turtles from earth...not Space. So it should come as no surprise that things may have been changed up. HOWEVER, the cartoon version of April always struck me as a young reporter with brains who also had good looks.

kariyanine1948d ago

Yeah, Megan Fox as April is on par with Denise Richards as a scientist in The World is Not Enough.

hazelamy1948d ago

i thought it was Spielberg that was behind Fox being removed from the Transformers series.

some hitler comment about Bay, unsurprisingly, rubbed Spielberg the wrong way.

i guess Spielberg isn't involved in the production of this one.

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ATi_Elite1948d ago

Megan Fox's acting skills are horrible but boy is she a hot piece of asterisk!

LOL_WUT1948d ago

I love Megan Fox too! Watching it first day Turtle Power!

darklordzor1949d ago

And just like that, my interest has dropped dramatically. It's not that Megan Fox is all bad, it's that we can assume exactly the type of April O'Neil they'll be going for, and it's not the one I want. I want the smart, crafty reporter who in a world where she's confronted with mutants ninjas and all kinds of evil, keeps her cool and still manages to stand out.

Megan Fox can't deliver that type of character. She's just going to the be hot chick who does a couple bad ass things. While that's okay for some things, it's not what I was hoping for out of this movie.

ironfist921949d ago

All I wanted was a sequel to the CGI animated TMNT movie, but instead we get this shit

Th3 Chr0nic1948d ago

look at all these book covers being judged

SilentNegotiator1948d ago


Book covers? So she hasn't played in many varied things and proven that she can only pull off one type of character? And she isn't being foolishly placed as a character that represents the sort of acting that she isn't capable of?

This doesn't show how stupid the direction is, miscasting a main character?

Baka-akaB1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

if by book cover you mean the cover of a playboy or softcore magazine, yeah ...

She has proven over 20 times that she can only do the dumb bimbo convincingly . Females bombshells actress that are usually deemed not great or even bad such as jessica Alba or Biel have taken more risks and proven more than her in acting . And she doesnt seems that interesting in her real life either so far .

Smashbro291949d ago

TMNT movie confirmed as sucking.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1949d ago

I saw a web clip featuring Casey jones a while back that had a darker tone to it which would have been awesome, with this chick I can assume the movie will be awful. She is a typecast for wild things type movies or late night Cinemax. That dude from 90210 needs to lock her down before she can't help ruin this franchise too.

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