Criminal Minds 'Broken': Tragic Parenting 101: TVF Review

TV Fanatic:
This week's compelling Criminal Minds episode dealt with an unsub who had severe sexual identity issues. It took some time for the BAU to puzzle out his motives and when they discovered what was driving him, their focus enlarged to include a "conversion camp."

The unsub first murdered a man he had sex with because he was so ashamed at doing what he'd been conditioned to think was "wrong." Then, when he attempted to have intercourse with women - only to suffer shame at not being able to obtain an erection - he murdered them.

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alycakes1943d ago

This is a great show that deals with difficult situations that a lot of cop shows don't even come close too. Some are really hard to even imagine possible but they are. I like the whole cast but I miss Printiss since she left.