Arrow: "Dodger": IGN Review

Last week's installment of Arrow was easily the best of the series so far, thanks mainly to the strength of the flashback scenes and the prominent role played by Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson. With the focus shifting back in favor of the present day material again this week, it was a safe bet that there would be a certain decline in quality. "Dodger" was a strictly average episode that had the misfortune of following such a strong one.

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alycakes1920d ago

This was better than okay and I enjoyed it very much. I always like the flashbacks and I don't believe that guy was a student. I think he made the right choice not untying him.

calis1919d ago

Yeah, there's something dodgy about the guy which I am sure will come back later on

It was a better than 6.8, I thought it was a better episode than Supernatural and they gave that a 7.7