NCIS 'Hereafter': Misdirection and Wrong Assumptions: TV Fanatic Review

TV Fanatic:
Once again, we were treated to a couple of fascinating parallel plots in tonight's episode of NCIS, "Hereafter."

In the crime story, the team was called to investigate the mysterious death of a marine who perished during training at Quantico. Turns out he died as a result of cerebral hemorrhaging, due to repeated blows to the head.

The team was provided some misdirection as a result of the discovery that the dead marine had participated in a fight club. Later it was learned that their commanding officer had been attempting to toughen his team up by wounding them repeatedly - basically, torturing them - in the same manner as his brother, who had died from his injuries.

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alycakes1950d ago

I love to watch NCIS and I don't know that I would ever get tired of it no matter how long it's on. I know they have signed on for at least another year but then everyone will have to decide if they want to keep going.

smikey11231950d ago

I completely agree. This is a show that I watch no matter if it is a re-run that I have seen several times before. I love the characters and the dynamics they provide.