Justified: Shot Callers 'Money Trap': TV Fanatic Review

TV Fanatic:
After an exhilarating start to Justified Season 4, the series has limped into the midway point the past two weeks. "Money Trap" was the least successful of the first seven hours even though it still consisted of some great chemistry between Raylan and Arlo and the first shootout in a while.

If memory serves, not since squaring off against "The Ice Pick" back in the season three premiere has Raylan had a legitimate gun fight like this. Although Jody Adair had absolutely no chance at all, the stare down, the quick pull, and the merciless result was reminiscent of our first meeting with the cowboy down in Miami in the pilot.

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alycakes1921d ago

I think Raylan finally pushed his dad's buttons. He tried to act like what he said didn't bother him but you could see it in his eyes. He's getting closer and closer to his goal but having to go thru hell to get there....when will he have a good day?