Nerdluster - A Good Day to Die Hard Review

Nerdluster writes: Detective John McClane is a guy that by his own admission is always in the "wrong place at the wrong time". Since the late 80's Bruce WIllis has played John at his best and more recently at his worst. The NYPD officer has been cut up, shot at, beaten up, blown to pieces and left for dead by a number of nasty evil-doers. John's unique claim to fame is that he can survive almost anything upto and including a small apocalypse. If the enemy underestimates him John will drop an entire city on them to save his skin. Unfortunately in John's most recent outing, A Good Day to Die Hard, not even all the unaccounted nuclear material in Russia can save this franchise from fatal radiation poisoning.

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alycakes1920d ago

I guess you have to like Bruce Willis to like his movies and I do. His movies are usually entertaining and good for an afternoon of fun. I think I enjoyed the one with his daughter a bit more though.