Hollywood Sucks, But You Can Change That

A Good Day to Die Hard is as heinous as all the other franchise stuff, but there’s a way you can improve things.

Die Hard 5 sucks. You knew it would, and now the critics are saying it’s worse even than Nicholas Sparks’ latest cowpat.

And remember, it started out so well with Die Hard 1... But things took a turn for the worse, as 12 years of the Earth passed, and Die Hard 4.0 arrived in 2007. It gave everyone the belated sequel they never wanted, along with the sign that the Die Hard name was now that dreaded thing: a franchise.

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digitaldave1917d ago

This! I can barely think of any franchise films that I like...

Monalouise1917d ago

Mate, there are plenty of great franchises..Star Wars, you heard of that one?
Even American Pie and Scream were solid..Lord of the rings?

digitaldave1917d ago

'American Pie and Scream'
I rest my case..

fredakinlale21917d ago

Scream films redefined horror, show some respect!!

KingPin1916d ago

with regard to franchises

In the last 10 years(2002-2012)there have been no new franchises that are as great as the 80s/90s franchises. think about it, most of the marvel movies sucked or were average at best. maybe the dark knight is one that was good.

Compared to hollywood of old, good franchises are few and far between. the thing is now, they ruining the old franchises and killing off their legendary status. star wars 1,2,3 (the newer ones with sam jackson) all sucked balls compared to the original three. and now they making more. talk about cashing in coz we know we all going to watch it coz its freaking star wars.

and where are the action heros gone? where are the next gen of bruce willis, stallone, schwarzeneggers, norris', van dammes? apart from bale, there is none.

Downtown boogey1916d ago

Star Wars? STAR WARS????
Have you not seen the prequels?

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fredakinlale21917d ago

Die Hard films have always been pathetic to be honest, macho nonsense.

KingPin1916d ago

go back to watching twilight.

Monalouise1917d ago

Yes, but people spend money on them, is the point here. Do they create or nurture demand?

digitaldave1917d ago

They create it-if they weren't out there, people couldn't see them-simple

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The story is too old to be commented.