Song For Marion: Box Office Buz Review

Box Office Buz says: The director of London To Brighton, one of the best British films ever made, makes his first PG-rated film with Song For Marion, a heartfelt comic drama about Terrence Stamp's grumpy old man trying to put a brave face on Vanessa Redgrave's Marion's soon departure. Stamp's Arthur is a bit of a negative fella. He smokes and drinks and berates Marion's seniors singing group for being a bit silly, but when Marion gets some bad news, Arthur starts having to help her in their group. As band leader Elizabeth, Gemma Arteton, sees a glimmer of hope in Arthur, she tries to persuade him to join in with the group, but as a conflicted soul with many issues, not least his son Christopher Ecleston not having the best relationship with him, singing's not on the cards.

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