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Independent Cinema - Side Effects Review

Independent Cinema writes: As the opening scene of Side Effects plays out, we are thrust into a state of intrigue. Structured like a puzzle, Soderbergh wants us to feel out of our element and wonder where this film is going to go. The movie seemingly resolves in an ending that adds nothing, but then goes back in for a second take, delivering a more satisfying ending, if not a little more on the ridiculous side. Soderbergh is in complete control here though, as he works with Scott Z. Burns’s script and turns it into a well-crafted thriller that unfortunately does feel a little too by-the-numbers for the majority of it. If it wasn’t for the director on board, this script would likely have become as generic a thriller as can be, but because of Soderbergh’s distinct cinematography and a cast that feels completely invested in their characters, Side Effects is very much more than just another bland thriller.

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