Arrow: "The Odyssey": IGN Review

This week, Arrow inverted the usual structure and focused mainly on the flashback saga, with only brief, sporadic scenes set in the present and exploring the immediate aftermath of Ollie's showdown with Moira. It made sense to switch up the approach this week. Ollie's life-threatening injury offered a convenient excuse to spend the episode dwelling in his memories. And with Manu Bennett having just debuted as Slade Wilson last week, the flashback material is more interesting than it's ever been. By focusing squarely on the Ollie/Slade dynamic, "The Odyssey" established itself as perhaps the finest episode of the series so far.

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alycakes1923d ago

This was an excellent episode. I really think it's getting better every week continuing to feed us a little more info each time just to leave us wanting more.

Simon_Brezhnev1921d ago

Yeah this show is very good. I really hope CW picks up Young Justice.

calis1923d ago

It was a very good episode (minus some dialogue). Really enjoyed it and can't wait to see what happens.